A Couple of New Future Concepts, Ideas, and Inventions for Your Intellectual Mind

As you know, each day I come up with at least 2-original thoughts, and rather than making lots of little articles describing this week’s new innovative concepts, I thought I’d share with you 6 or 7 of the ideas, all packed into one article. Why? To help get your intellectual mind thinking, and put you into the creative flow, now then, let’s begin with:Regenerative Compression for Air-Compressed Driven Cars – Concept Idea ConsideredWe are all aware of regenerative braking systems which use the automobiles deceleration to create a friction style energy generation to keep a hybrid or all-electric car’s batteries charged. Well, what if we used such a regenerative scheme to turn a compressor motor instead. How so you ask? Well, when braking, the wheels turn the compressor wheel to re-compress the air tanks, which could later used for power, and/or to charge the battery or run a generator for electrical equipment on the automobile.There have been some successful attempts at an air-compressed motor to drive a car, bicycle, and motorcycle. Although these previous attempts have been less than stellar for range, such technology does make sense for some applications. Well, what if we used this concept to increase the range by giving back the wasted loss in kinetic energy during deceleration just as we do with current hybrid and electric cars? Compressed air does hold promise given the right motor and transmission set up. Okay so think on that.For Number Two; I’d like to talk about the Apple iPad, Amazon Fire, and other popular tablet personal computing devices. What we clearly need is “iPad Holder Attire is Needed for All Occasions,” in fact, there was an interesting article in Fast Company Magazine in September of 2001 titled; “For Every iPod, There is A Hammer Pair of Pants” which talked about the normal evolution of products to fit the changes in our society. It depicted a pair of pants in one of the scenes pitted against another pair of ugly yester-year denim pair of shorts; the newer version with an extra large pocket, which coincided with the perfect size for an iPad.More and more folks are taking their tablets with them everywhere they go, just as they now are fully mobile with their smartphones. With so many folks on the go, and computing in a mobile fashion, isn’t it about time that folks started making a fashion statement about their trendy use of personal technology also? Perhaps use graphene coatings, or electromagnetic induction techniques, or even solar to power up and keep the tablet charged as a docking station?Okay so, how about another concept or invention for you today; let’s call this Number Three. What about an “Electronic Sensor to Outsmart the Brain Fart?” How so you ask? Well, it is widely known by those who study such things that if someone is doing a specific task for any given amount of time, eventually, they will make a slight mistake, and interestingly enough scientists using fMRI, EEG, and NanoSquid brain scanning technologies they can actually predict when.All we need to do is to miniaturize these components and connect them to equipment, computers, cars, smartphones, military fighter planes, etc, and have such a device send out a pulse of a hyper alert brain wave just prior to the mistake occurring.Number Four: Next up, I’d like to enlighten my reader that ultra-sound created by large wind-turbines tend to thicken the air around them, which is a good thing for the next wind turbine in that now modified relative wind. However by thickening the air, it also allows molecules in the air to align and combine at a faster rate.Therefore pollution air particles are more likely to form also, thus we need a set of wind turbine blades which produces little or no ultrasound. In fact, we should be shooting for near zero, because making noise of any type is wasted energy. There are some designs which produce less ultra-sound but that typically isn’t the case with the extra-large wind turbines now in use, or those in very large wind farms currently.Speaking of which let me bring up another point of contention and ask a question, one you may not know the answer too, nor probably ever considered; “Do Cell Towers Cause a Thickened Atmosphere Near the Surface?” The answer would be yes, but how much is hard to say. If we want to reduce frequency pollution and the inadvertent combining of air pollution molecules, we should be thinking here.No, I am not done with this week’s original thoughts, so here is Number Five. I’d like you to consider another interesting concept; “Laser Scaffolding Scheme to Collect Earthquake Wave Energy Worked – Now What?”You see, he’d read a piece in Christian Science Monitor on April 18, 2011 titled; “Building – Absorbing a Quakes Effect,” by Staff Writer Chris Gaylord which discussed a new building technique to allow elasticity with a “fused approach to mitigate, or concentrate, damage…” when a light bulb went off in his head.You see, he reasoned that the elastic steel cables could be substituted with free-electron particle laser beams crisscrossing an area surrounding an Earthquake fault, but first he had to put those calculations together, with some other scientific data he’d read about measuring minor tremors due to fracking techniques now used in the oil and gas industry.Now then, one of the diagrams in the Christian Science Manager showed how the structural pieces were designed to break in a way that protects the building from falling and re-fuses it together, holding it up-right. Okay so taking this idea, what if we built an artificial high-powered frequency grid using some long stakes driven into the ground and created a grid-gate to bounce the S and P waves away preventing the major shaking? Can it really be done, how much power is needed, do we have the technology? Hard to say, but nothing is impossible when it comes to American Technology.Number Six: here is another nifty idea and concept for my last innovative invention; “The Futuristic Holographic Retail Displays Are Cool,” and they are cool because they will interact with your smart phone, which will have a 3D rendering of your body, and it will be able to interface with the retail clothing store’s computer to display you in a hologram before your eyes, wearing the outfit you’d like to try on.In other words, no more dressing rooms, no more store shrinkage from theft, and the clothes you buy will have never been worn, not even to try on in the dressing room. Imagine that, no better yet, go invent that and then make millions, because people will buy it, and all you need is the App, and an IBM spectral imaging projector to sell that concept to the retailers – done deal. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all these new thoughts of the week.

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