How To Make Extra Money Online Fast

First. The fastest ways to make extra money online fast will COST you money! Yes there is no way around that. If you are in a hurry you need to pay Google or Bing or Facebook for traffic to whatever you are selling or promoting.make-money-fastAnother option is to buy Solo Ads to bring traffic to your promotions. Solo Ads are ads that email list owners promote to their list with your product link.Even with those paid methods there is still a waiting period to get your ad approved, which could take a few days. But once your ad is approved you will immediately get traffic to your offer.Make extra money fast online with your own products.Now first you need to answer some questions:What are you going to sell?
Do you already have a product?
Do you have a website?
Do you have a way to collect payments?If the answer to the above are negative, do not despair because there are still ways around this.Make extra money fast online without your own productIf you don’t have your own product(s) you can still make extra money online fast by selling someone else’s products and get commissions for each sale you make. Isn’t that great? Yes and it’s called affiliate marketing.Just about all companies offer affiliate marketing opportunities, including stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy etc etc. So you have a wide range of sources and products to chose from. However before you get too exited, the commissions could be quite small, so you will need a LOT of buying customers to make it worth your while. This means you will need a lot of traffic to your affiliate offers.How can you make extra money online fast with affiliate marketing?Well you must first chose a product to promote – get your affiliate account set up – get affiliate links for that product – and promote.There are affiliate opportunities that pay a lot more in commissions and the best one is ClickBank sells mainly information products and software. But the commissions are substantially higher than most other affiliate programs which makes them attractive to a lot of online marketers, which means there is a lot of competition for their products.What if you don’t have money to invest to start making money online?Well you can still make money online without investing money, but it will not be fast, sorry to say.One of the things you can do is start a YouTube channel and promote your affiliate products there. You will put your affiliate links underneath your videos in the description box.Another free method of promoting you affiliate offer is doing article marketing. You can write an article about your affiliate offer and submit that article to all the free article directories you can. Your article has to be a review style write up, or it may get rejected. The problem is that most article directories do not allow you to place links straight to your affiliate offer, so you will need your own website, where you can send visitors to.You can get a free website from and blogspot.comAnother way to make extra money online fast is by selling products or services on Just take a look at what is being sold there and see what you can offer. It may seem cheap but if there is a service you can offer that takes you 5 minutes to complete it can add up nicely. But again you will need to promote your services.Some more FREE sources of traffic:Your own blog
Your email contacts
Facebook – your friends
Twitter – your friends
Google Plus
PinterestThis article was meant to just give you some ideas of what you could potentially do to make extra money online fast. I hope that it opened your eyes to the possibilities and gave you some ideas to help you further in your research.

10.5 Hints to Help You Get a Car Loan

1. Know your credit score.Get a copy of your credit report. Review it for errors and make any corrections before you try and get a loan. If there are major errors in your credit report, consider delaying your application until the corrections are completed. This will make sure you keep the car dealers honest. If you desperately need transportation, try renting a car short term until your credit report is straightened out. You may actually save money on fuel, insurance and repairs by renting which you can add to your down payment.2. Have an explanation for your credit issues.Don’t be apologetic. Bad things happen to good people. Be specific about any problems or crisis that caused your problem. Let the bank know about any major upheaval in your life that may have led to your problems such as an illness or a natural disaster, like Katrina, or 9-11. Make sure that you can substantiate your claim.3. Don’t lie about anything on the credit app.Lenders will turn reject your loan if they find you lied to them.4. Know your income.Make sure you can prove what you make. Have your proof readily available.5. Save your down payment.More down means more car. Larger down payments can sometimes get a lender to view your application more favorably.6. Know what the payoff on your trade-in is.If you are trading in a car with a payoff, get a ten day payoff from the lender. If you have a warranty or additional policies bought with the vehicle, find out if you can cancel them. This will lower your payoff or entitle you to a refund after the vehicle is paid off.7. Know what your car is worth.Check out NADA or KBB first. Go to CarMax and see what they will buy it for. Use these figures to negotiate the best trade in value. Remember, If you get more than the payoff, that amount becomes down payment.8. Buy what you need, not what you want.Set realistic expectations. Don’t buy more payment than you can truly afford. Rebuild your credit first, than rebuild your image later.9. Don’t be argumentative.Nice people get better deals than people who give sales reps a hard time.10. Try other sources to get a loan.Check online. Lenders such as Capital One, HSBC, Roadloans, and CitiFinancial all have websites which let you apply direct to them for a loan. You may get better rates and terms from lenders online than from a dealer.Check your credit union or insurance co. They may have a loan program or lender relationship. A good payment history with your insurance company may help you get a loan from their bank. Credit unions can sometimes do automatic payroll deductions, which guaranty you pay the loan, so they may be more receptive.10.5 Don’t go from dealer to dealer.Excessive inquiries can be a reason a lender declines your application.BONUS HINT!Don’t be misled by “Every application is accepted”Just because a dealer says your application is accepted, that doesn’t meen that your loan is approved. Accepting your application means that the dealership will take your infomration to submit to a lender. It’s up to the lender to approve your loan application, not the dealership.DOUBLE BONUS HINT!!Adverse action notification under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires a creditor obligation to furnish certain information to a customer seeking financing
whenever a decision is made that is adverse to the customer. This means that a dealership must submit your application to a lender for adecision or THEY (the dealership) must furnish you with an Adverse Action Notice describing why THEY (the dealership) declined to approive your request for a loan, AS SUBMITTED. Unless the dealership has their own finance company, they are required by law to either submit your application to a lender or tell you what information the dealership has used in order to decline your request for credit. If a dealership dopes not submit your application, they may be in violation of these two federal laws!

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